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Difficulty Updating

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I've always updated manually by downloading the Core and Trace defs and unzipping them into the appropriate folders. Yesterday I downloaded the new Installer and successfully updated to defs Core 3623 and Trace 1607. However, today I downloaded the Installer to get the new defs - Core 3624 and Trace 1608 only to find that it was the same file as yesterday (3623 &1607). What am I doing wrong please? I've tried the download several times and it makes no difference whether or not I've exited SAS first. :?

I'm running SAS Free v4.21.1004. on Windows XP Home SP3 and haven't had any trouble with SAS previously.

We have to update the installer, it will be there tonight!

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Updated :)

That's fine...as far as it goes; I've now got Core 3624 and Trace 1608. It says on this site that the latest defs are Core 3625 and Trace 1609 but that's not on the Installer yet. Does this mean that I'll always be one update behind what it says on the Home page or will this get sorted soon please? :)

The installer is rebuilt as we do new releases.

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