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When I try to activate - message says firewall blocking SAS

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Been using SAS on my computer for a while - no problems and works great. Now I am trying to get it set on my dad's Vista system after telling him how great it is. When I try to activate the product, SAS will not connect - gets message saying it may be firewalled ? After triple checking that it is in the allowed programs of windows firewall, I have tried with windows firewall turned off - same problem. I am logged in as admin, I have enterered the registration code he purchased, SAS will connect to internet to update definitions. I do not have any other firewall/ AV programs installed and also windows defender is turned off. Any ideas ?? Thanks all

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Thanks for the reply - but I am not sure what I should be looking for. I have broadband that is always on.

Are you referring to Internet options under connections tab ? Thanks for any help

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