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Wireless not working with Super Antispyware?

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I'm running wireless network on my laptop, and when I installed SUPERAntiSpyware for the first time and restarted, the wireless network was not working any longer, so I had to push the "repair" button everytime to make it work again.

So I tried to delete the wireless connection and connect again like the very first time (entering password to the router and so on)

So it worked again, after restarts etc. So far so good.

But I just used SUPERAntiSpyware today, did a quick scanning of my computer.. Found some few cookies and the program had to reboot the computer. And so I did.

When windows XP has restarted I had the same problem again. So I had to delete my wireless network, enter the password again etc.

What could cause that? That's the first time I've had problems with my wireless.

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No, I haven't tried to uninstall SAS... My laptop have running a year with NO problems at all, and right after SAS install, the wireless network xxxxx up.

But of course I can just delete the network and connect again with password to make it work, the few times I run SAS. But anyway.... You might have experienced that before or something :P

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Please watch the language , last message edited with xxxxx. Thanks again.

I believe you have submitted a support ticket, if so, please do not double post as it doubles our work load. If not, submit a customer Service request.


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