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SAS refusing to stop after unchecking Direct Access

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A fast WIn98SE OS slowed down to crawl so I suspected spyware. Spybot crashes upon startup now so useless. I tried SAS and after it listed three items, including "MyWebSearch/FunWebProducts," I wanted to bypass continuing scanning and instead, remove the known culprits. SAS would display the prompt explaining that it has not finished, and was I really sure I wanted to go on. I answered Yes to interrupt but the program went right back to its same display.

I noticed another FORUM entry suggested turning Direct Access off. I did but the result is the same. The only way to stop the app is to kill the process. Is there any data stored that could be used to continue a scan later?

Also, the other FORUM entry asked what would be lost by turning Direct Access off but the questions was never answered. Can you help both of us out?

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