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Interestingly enough I have the same problem on my laptop running 32-bit Vista Business SP1.

SAS Pro 4.21.1004 w/ real-time enabled

- integrate w/ Vista security center is enabled

- uninstall & reinstall no change

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I do believe that the program that is removing it is Avast, Under malware listed is Windows defender(turn off) and avast antivirus(on), I just wonder why avast is listed there too.

In regards to Avast! the free version includes adware/spyware detection and integrates into the security center. If you're referring to my post I am using Avira Premium which is the paid version with spyware/adware detection. I choose to disable Windows Defender in the program options, in addition to the service, on all of the Vista pc's I manage since it has poor detection/removal capabilities.

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