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SAS keeps downloading same definitions

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Ok, that's weird, after I updated my ATI drivers (which required a few reboots) SAS is working normally again. So nevermind I guess. :oops:

Maybe something was being blocked (Internet wise). If it happens again do not hesitate to contact us!

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I run SAS Pro and I always update my definitions manually. Today it has been behaving peculiar: every time I right click the SAS icon and click check for updates, it downloads the same definitions even though they are currently installed (I verified the database versions on the website). I checked the userdata folder and checked the file properties of the 2 zip files and the extracted versions and everything matches up with the latest. If I open the program and click on the check for updates button on the main interface it does the same thing (downloads core 3597 and trace 1584). If I go to preferences and click on the update settings tab and click check for updates it does what it should, it pops up with the message in the system tray that my defs are up to date. I tried doing a manual definition installation per the instructions on the website to see if this would fix it (including deleting the .bin file) but no luck. I even tried rebooting my PC and restarting SAS, the only thing I haven't done is reinstall it (I'm trying to avoid it but will if I must). I've been running SAS for over a year and this is the first time I've had this issue. Any input would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Forgot to mention, if I float my mouse over the icon or open the main interface it shows the current database version accurately, the only thing that changes each time I download is the time that the main interface shows for when definitions were updated.

I had the same problem twice within 6-8 weeks this last one with Database Version 3597. But after a few reboots it works fine again.

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