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Safe Mode installation

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hi there,

first... great product, i love it! use it whenever i can to remove it off of friends & families' computers. used to rely on Lavasoft's Ad-Aware until i came across this bad boy. thank you!

i was wondering if it would be possible to make this program available to install in Safe Mode? it seems a lot of these bugs are disabling the ability to run/install this in Windows regular mode as it's attacking the Windows Installer Service.

the only luck i had to remove 'pc protection center 2008' was to use Malwarebytes' remover because it was able to install in Safe Mode. however, after the installation and removal, i was able to install and run SAS and it picked up a lot of reg keys that Malwarebytes' didn't pick up ;)

many thanks for this great utility. thanks for taking the time to look at this suggestion. cheers!

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