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Windows won't load after reboot.

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Long story short, McAfee said it "cleaned" a virus in SuperAntiSpyware. After a complete SAS scan, it told me I had to reboot. Now, whenever I try to start windows in any mode, I get past the windows loading screen, but before the part where it asks me for my password, there is a blue screen with white text that disappears too fast to read and then my computer restarts. I used a trial XP Professional disk to install a separate OS on the same partition, and I just put the loading files in a folder called WINDOWS2. I can still access most of my XP Home edition files, but the only item that is in the quarantine is a .bup file. The other files were deleted, I guess, because I did another scan and nothing was found. My internet drivers, audio/video drivers, and even my SAS updates are either gone or inaccessable. Also, in my WINDOWS folder (not WINDOWS2), there are a bunch of "DUMP" files, and there are Ksomethingsomething.txt files that include the text "the file spx.cab does not exist". It might be a while before I can check the responses; I'm using my bro's Windows 98 computer. Thanks for any help.

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From the boot menu options, if you have the option to "Disable Automatic Restart on Errors", then do so. Hopefully that will allow the error message to remain displayed instead of the computer restarting. That's not going to solve the boot failure problem, but it should give a hint as to what happened.

Boot to the XP Pro cd and run hard drive error correction. Choose "R" to enter the Recovery Console and then select #1 when asked what installation to log on to. Press Enter if you are asked for an admin password. At the command prompt, type in chkdsk /p and press enter (note the space between the K and the /). Once complete, type exit and remove the cd as the computer starts.

If that doesn't work and you have an XP Home CD for your system, then you can run a repair install of XP:

How do you perform a reinstallation of Windows XP, sometimes called a repair installation?

Configure your computer to start from the CD-ROM drive. For more information about how to do this, refer to your computer's documentation or contact your computer manufacturer. Then insert your Windows XP Setup CD, and restart your computer.

1. When the Press any key to boot from CD message is displayed on your screen, press a key to start your computer from the Windows XP CD.

2. Press ENTER when you see the message To setup Windows XP now, and then press ENTER displayed on the Welcome to Setup screen.

3. Do not choose the option to press R to use the Recovery Console.

4. In the Windows XP Licensing Agreement, press F8 to agree to the license agreement.

5. Make sure that your current installation of Windows XP is selected in the box, and then press R to repair Windows XP.

6. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete Setup.

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