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I've been infected by something nasty. It has blocked any downloads or access to any sites that can help,- I am doing this from another computer. When I do a google search and then click on an item it starts another tab lon Mozilla and fires up a series of advertisments. I have run a scan and fixed what was found, but this was not with an up to date download. The scan had no effect.

Can anyone advise what this might be a help me get rid of it?



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Have you been able to download and install Superantispyware and run it?

If not- then from your other machine, download superantispyware and save it on a flashdrive.

Bring it to the infected computer and see if you can install it.

Also see if it will update.

If so- run a full scan.

and check off all it finds and quarantine it.

I am assuming it is going to ask you for a reboot so do it.

Also run and update your antivirus program.

Once it reboots try to go to click on your web browser and see what happens.

If this doesn't work.

Once you have installed the program go into Safe Mode with Networking (this allows you to still connect to the internet)

try to do the updates that way.

Run a full scan and see if it removes the bad stuff.

Once done it is going to ask for a reboot and you can reboot into windows

try again to see if you can go to your browser and do the things you could not do before.

If none of these work you can do this.

First go into System Restore and uncheck the protection. This will remove all your restore points which one or more might be infected.

Now again go into Safe mode with networking if you could not update or just Safe Mode if you could.

1. Do a complete scan with your antivirus program again

2. Do the same with superantispyware

when done if superantispyware asks for a reboot or not- do it.

Go back into Windows.

Go back into System Restore and take the check mark off so restore points will begin again.

Now go to the browser and see if all is well.

Just so you know this is a very last resort (removing the restore points)- this is only if nothing else will work.

Let us know what happens.


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I was typing this when emperordarius typed his so I did not see it.

Put those files in if you cannot update first, then follow my suggestions below.


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