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Real time blocking of tracking cookies & malicious websites

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SAS does a great job, but I keep wondering why there's no real time detection (and blocking) of tracking cookies. When I do a scan all the tracking cookies come up and I delete them. Why can't the program just stop them from being saved on my computer in the first place. Surely this can't be too hard to do (or am I wrong here?).

Also - malicious web pages. Can SAS's capabilities be expanded to incorporate scanning for malicious web pages and prevent a browser from going to those sites? Or is this beyond the planned detection capabilities of the program. It would be a great feature to have, to round out a wonderful program.


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Hi Oliver.

Tracking cookies are not technically "threats" and would require a huge amount of resources to detect in real time. I turn off cookie detection.

BTW- Your browser will also have options to control cookies.

As far as blocking malicious web sites go, well that's quite a legal nightmare. However, SAS will have to give you their official response.

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