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Re: Blocked Spyware applications and notifications.

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Hello All,

I run Windows XP Pro SP3, Avast 4 Home, Spyware Blaster and SuperAntispyware Pro.

Initially I had freeze up problems when I started to use the program. As a result of which I had to uncheck automatically check for program updates every 8 hours. I would like to use this feature. Quite apart from that and the observation stated hereunder, the program works great.

Avast recently included a antispyware feature to their Antivirus program.

I have noticed that SuperAntispyware program should notify me of any blocked attacks and provide a list. May I add here that real time protection is enabled.

I have never seen any such notifications and the list is always empty. Can someone explain why I have never been seen any such notifications or whether Avast prevents SuperAntispyware from blocking and/or reporting and/or generating the list of such attacks. As I am aware that this program works independent of any other anti virus or antispyware program.

Thanking you for any comments and/or suggestions.


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Hello Don.

Thank you for your reply thread. It was a bit niave of me in not remembering that there is no perfect anti spyware program and that where one misses the other may hit. Avast has notified me on many occasions of blocked attacks.

I also note from you reply that the only way to find out whether I can use the check for updates every 8 hours is by checking it to find out if it would not freeze up the system.

I do like this program and have in fact recommend it to quite a few friends.

Thank you again for the reply.



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