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New malware, very annoying

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ok well I'm not sure of the exact file name, or where I got it. But I'll call it google analitics. because thats what pops up whenever I go to a new page.

It does the following:

make my computer run really slow.

blocks all downloads.

stops me from watching youtube vids or any streaming vids (they only load for about 3-5 seconds then restart)

blocks any anti-spyware/malware pages (I'm using a proxy as we speak)

redirects my searches.

after doing some research, I found that malwarebytes anti-malware is the only thing that seems to be able to stop it. Unfortunately I can't get it because of the malware, and I don't have another non-infected computer to download the anti-malware onto a hard drive.

If superantispyware can update to find this, I'd really appreciate it.

Edit: you can also research this malware by searching "Google analitics checks" on google

Submit a support request here:


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