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Google Chrome

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And yet the whole truth was not told, the omnibox is just an extension of the already installed google search box that is standard in Firefox, Safari (for a very long time now), and now IE7-8b. They also submit as you type.

Unfortunately blog jurno's are the same as any others out there, they give up the truth for a bit of sensationalism.

If you want the latest then use the link that emperordarius has posted. Note the versions there are "Chromium" the Open source base code that "Google Chrome" is built on.

Hopefully with all this generated hysteria going on, my shares in Monofoil will climb :P

On a side note, Chromium (Chrome) is a very nice, fast and slick browser to use. Very elegant indeed.

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Google is very interested in your activities, so it would stand to reason that they would provide us with an awesome, free new browser, with which they could phone home.

I also noticed that GoogleUpdater was also added as a startup process, so I disabled it with msconfig. It was taking up about 4 MB of memory. WTF? Any application that does crap (without letting me know) goes on my 5h1t list immediately.

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