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SAS's real time protection

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The following link is to a thread on a different forum I belong to.

An Administrator at the forum claims that SAS does not protect against anything in real time, and it's running process is just for Auto Updates and Scheduled Scans.

He also claims in the thread that NOD32 protects against XP Antivirus 2008, but a couple of days later, a regular member posted that he has NOD32 running, but was still infected with said malware.

http://www.kickenhardware.net/forum/sho ... hp?t=14723


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It might not be the fanciest realtime protection on earth, but this guy is even himself unsure..............suffice to say, he does not know enough about the subject he initially is very "sure" about.

The PRO version version does have realtime blocking which is not as fancy as a true realtime detect & remove, but it will block and alert and it is probably one of the reasons why SAS will co-exist with most AV's without issues.

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