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Bitten By C Bug

In Need Of Some Guidance with SAS and SAS Pro

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Hello, and hopefully someone here could guid me in proper direction of some input http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=218790 is my original post pertaining to my issue at stake.I did install the free version of sas home edition but was receiving this MSVCP71.dll error all available on wilders link, just haven't been able to continue any further since i restored sys res point to prior installation of sas free now i have c:/program files sas.... c: program data sas folder... c:program files common files wise inst wizard and my .exe d/l all looks proper meaning properties but possibly a corrupt d/l not sure, i just need to know is it safe to delete those directories then my .exe reboot and download fresh copy??

tyia for your help.

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Tyvm, for replay but I took own gutsy appraoch and initative and just deleted all traces of sas since was sys restored prior to installation reboot downloaded new fresh copy and now "wala" no more mvscpl71.dll errors very strange but wasn't gonna keep pestering folk for insight so knowing that it wasn't installed i just deleted all remanents of the .exe and installed fresh copy. All is fine on western front tyvm all for your suggestions, appreciated greatly. "Peace"

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