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Newest ver. update making me reboot?

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Hi all,

I've been a sastisfied user of SAS for many months. This morning I recieved a prompt during the update that said a new version was available (4.20.1046). I downloaded and installed the update as usual, but when I had finished my first scan with the new version, I was told I had to reboot my PC in order to complete the spyware removal.

Now understand I run two different scans with SAS. I run complete scans every other day, and I run a Custom scan every time I log off of the internet in order to remove tracking and log-in cookies. The first scan I ran with the newest update was the quickie Custom scan. Never before in all the months I've used SAS has it ever needed to reboot my PC in order to remove those tracking and log-in cookies. As a matter of fact, only one piece of malware (infecting my registry) has ever caused the SAS to need to reboot my PC in order to remove it.

Is this new requirement to reboot a PC in order to remove tracking and log-in cookies actually necessary? For the life of me, I can't imagine why, since it never was before. The only possible explanation I can come up with is that this is a programming error in the newest version update. If this isn't some kind of mistake, and for some unfathomable reason the creators of this fine protection program have decided to make it a requirement to reboot just to remove these cookies, then I am sorry to say that I'm going to have to discontinue my using it. That makes me sad, because until now I've always been happy with SAS, and recommended it to all my friends.

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Yes, unfortunately this has returned, it was not necessary before after users complained............................i agree that this is unfathomable if it is not a mistake.

I won't quit using it though....... just use CCleaner for this before you scan, much more efficient anyway. :)

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Thanks very much, Don M and Troy. I've checked out both of those, and they seem to be pretty much what I was wanting. I guess I'll just not use SAS for the minor cookie sweeping like I had been, and reserve it for the full scanning I do every few days.

I appreciate the help.

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thanks for posting this info

i came here looking for the answer to what was making it do this.

i have used it for over 6 months now and never had it do this reboot crap. yes it is crap to make it do that. not everyone's computer reboots in 30 seconds. mine all take 5 to 10 minutes to reboot and doing a scan after i get off line is stupid now because it makes it reboot.

now i can just stop using it and go to some other program,

but it took 4 months for my mom to get to know how to use this program and any of the others out there were way to hard for her to us. and this rebooting will keep her from being able to do anything on her computer at all because she gets tons of tracking cookies even though i have them limited to the pages she visits, why because she is doing family roots searching online, do you know how many pages and library sites she has to look at in an hour? then she has to get off line and type up what she found, but she runs this program when she gets off line, now thats going to take her another ten minutes for the reboot, and thats on top of the 45 minutes it takes for her computer to do the quick scan.

it takes her system over 3 hours for the full scan.

how long to you expect any 75 to 80 year old person to sit and wait on your program to do all the stuff.? she already sits and waits for the scan to finish, and thats after 4 to 10 hours of online searching.

i tested the last version out before i had her download it and install it and found it did not require the reboot, and thats the whole reason i got this program.

because it did not reboot,

your not microsoft updates, so why the reboot.

if your not going to get rid of the reboot then i'm going to have to get rid of this program and find another one for her to use and learn that works with a more user friendly interface and program code. the interface will be hard to find one easier,

the way the program code works might take time to find better if you don't make it not reboot, but it wont' be impossible.

i just prefer this GUI and program with out the need for rebooting.

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