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SASUNINST.EXE and license transfer/SAS performance on Lenovo

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I just installed SAS 4.2 Pro RC after removing it as was recommended using SASUNINST.EXE.

I had to re-register/activate the software. Does SASUNINST.EXE transfer the license before uninstalling or should I have done that first myself?

Also, is anyone using SAS on a Lenovo ThinkPad? On mine, SAS is a resource hog and slows down everything considerably (e.g. right-clicking to open any contextual menu takes 10-15 seconds instead of instantaneously). The only other security products I use on the ThinkPad (Windows XP Pro SP3, 3GB RAM) are Windows Firewall and Eset NOD32 version 3.

On my home PC in contrast, the resource usage by SAS is not significant (again the same security setup though here NOD32 is the resource hog!).


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Thank you - I was aware of that option. However, I forgot to transfer the license before running SASUNINST.EXE. A reminder on the SAS web page with the link to SASUNINST.EXE would have been very useful.

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