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My story about SAS employees,incl. Nick S.

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Over a year ago I decided to familiarize myself with this relatively unknown company(not anymore thanks to all of us ! GJ everyone!!!) to see if this would be a sensible solution to A:Use for removal of viruses on customers machines and B:To use on our own machines @ our home based computer repair store.I was initially sending emails back and forth from Nick S.,yes Nick S. the founder of SAS.That is unheard of in todays marketplace yet it happened and I was so impressed with him and his willingness to help me by answering ALL my questions regarding reselling and as fast a humanly possible that I felt obligated to give this small company(like my own)a shot.Over a year later I must admit that it was the absolute SMARTEST choice I have EVER made to this date ! Since then I have been dealing with one of the most kind people ever-Mr. Mike Duncan @ SAS and let me tell you guys & gals,this gentlemen blew me away with how well he did his job ! I especially like how SAS doesn't treat my small business like a small business at all.In fact,from the looks of their diligence to ensure my satisfaction in ALL ASPECTS of their services,one would think that I was the CEO of a fortune 500 company making them millions. Nick if you read this I would like to congratulate you on the hiring of Mr. Duncan,he has been absolutely top notch to work with !! Kudos my friend ! Any small business owners having thoughts of whether or not their small company would get the attention and help due to size is in for one hell of a shocker when they decide to take the plunge and resell for SAS,I know I was....Again I would like to thank SAS,Nick S., and especially Mike Duncan for making my small home based business feel like a Fortune 500 company. You guys are as good as gold and I will forever be in dept to you for making SAS and having a staff that is as excellent as your product !!

Charles Beller

A/Z Computer Solutions

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Thank you very much for your kind words! Mike Duncan is a great asset to our company and we are happy to have him aboard.

We treat everyone equally, and I am glad you got to experience that first hand!


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