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Cannot boot into safe mode

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I tried to boot into safe mode with F8 and it did not work, and I also tried the Bootsafe program to no avail...

It seems to get stuck at a point and will not go on... I have not had any spyware or viruses etc... so it is kind of strange...

Does anyone have a fix for the bott.ini so that safe mode will load and all the drivers needed are properly referenced?

I found a file at a website with a fix... but decided to try here first...


edit: seems to be an sptd.sys issue... Investigating this elsewhere... I'll post the solution i find when i find it. When I compared my safeboot registry with a copy I found online they were pretty much the same.

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I found that after SP3 I could no longer boot to safe mode. I fixed it as follows (under guidance from Microsoft)

- download full SP3 upgrade to desktop

- Uninstall Antivirus

- System Restore to pre SP3 (if no restore points you could try uninstalling SP3)

- Boot to Safe Mode

- Run SP3 installer

- Reboot

- Reinstall AV

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