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STOP: c000021a

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Landlord's Dell Inspiron 2650 laptop was acting up and she asked me to clean it up. Updated AVG 7.5 Free defs in Win XP SP2 Home...rebooted...F8 to SAFE MODE and ran virus scan, no viruses. Booted back into XP and did DISK CLEANUP all ok. Set TOOLS to run chkdsk next boot, rebooted, chkdsk ran...went into Event Viewer and checked the log which showed no problems. Opened SAS and updated defs and did a full scan. File scan portion found 110 items. I opened up "+" and all I saw was adware cookies so I let SAS do it's thing. When finished the program wanted to reboot and I let it. Boots past XP's splash screen...to Dell's splash screen...to "Window's is starting up" then it throws the c000021a BSOD indicating Windows Logon System Process status 0xc0000005. Rebooted F8 tried last good config...same error. Tried SAFE MODE...same error. I'm pretty sure SAS was the culprit. I use it on 6 or 7 systems. It's the only Anti-Spyware app on this one. However, and it got by me, it was an older version...3.2 or 3.3. This also happened once before on my gamer after running SAS...Same BSOD. I had a Casper clone on another drive and was able to get it fixed. But here we're talking about an 88 year old woman that uses the laptop for email and storing photos of her great grandchildren with no concept of backup or the means to do so other than floppies. I know starting from scratch is an option, but I'm hoping someone here might have a better solution. Sidenote...I need to update my email address in my profile, but it won't take it. Thanks

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