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Uploading files in the forum

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apart from screenshots i see no reason to have a file upload.

if it to do with reports of false positives.. or spyware not detected on your system superantispyware can be contacted directly to inspect your scan reports. this forum is for discussion and suggwestions,

let them concentrate on making a better program not making your life easier for no good reason but your own.

if you have a suggestion atleast add why it would benefit. not just the feature you'd like to see[/b]

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how about get some free webspace fromyour ISP or from other servers and then just put the link onto the forum.

screenshots are safe but something tells me that u wanna upload malware to the forum, pretending your being helpful. But really, distroying the forum by infecting it.

why is it only your sugestions that seem iffy.. meaning risky to the program affecting it largely for the worst and only an advantage to the few.

definition files are small so why back along argue that they should use a certain zip format. you waste more kilobits on these forums then you do to just accept the benefits of the program and leave a good program as it is

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1. Stop being an idot.

Please treat others with respect if you wish to remain on this forum. I have warned you several times now. Everyone is entitled to their OPINION, but no one in entitled to call anyone an "idiot" (that's the way it's spelled).

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