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Has anyone seen this?

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after the last update AVG 8.0 popped up and said there was this Trojan horse Generic11.clr in the files below and one in c:/System Volume Information\_restore,,,,,


and \\(name of machine)\print$\W32X86\3\hpztbu07.exe

Every machine that is connected to my network and using the hp desktjet 5550 is getting the same message from AVG

What triggered it is when i went to print something.

I never saw this before. I have not updated this driver recently and did not install any new software for it.

I ran superantispyware pro and it is coming up clean.

I sent an analysis to AVG- have not heard as of yet

So what gives? I even tried to research these files and nothing comes up in google. You think AVG is reporting a false positive?


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yea it does because Superantispyware did not come up with this finding any trojans and I put Superantispyware over any other software. If it can't find anything then I know it must be a FP.

Also seems AVG must have seen my analysis I sent them because they just sent down another virus definition and I ran it specifically for this windows 32 folder just now and it is now clean.


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I think you should wait for answers in a forum before posting in another :wink::lol:

I do not see a problem posting in another forum- everyone has a antivirus program and so many of them now include definitions for trojans as well as antispyware/malware problems.

Someone in here might have seen the same problem and post. Not everyone in here posts to other forums so you never know.

I was hoping that in here I could be reassured it was a FP since I know here I will get a direct answer from superantispyware staff and in other forums there is usually no one in there posting from the particular software


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