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Another cleaned computer back in action

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I use SAS Pro version at home. I was called to a friend's place to look at some abnormal behavior on an XP SP2 box.

A quick assessment revealed no antispware running - just Avira free. Rogue Antivirus 2009 was active. McAfee Internet Security centre was still active but inoperative, XP Firewall was on.

I deleted the IE cache, temporary files, removed McAfee remnants with the McAfee removal tool, then installed & ran SAS free - SAS found and removed Rogue AV, a trojan downloader, and a couple of other nasties.

I rebooted, ran SAS again in safe mode to make sure - it found one other item there.

Tested the computer, cleared & re-enabled system restore, and it purred beautifully.

I was impressed how Superantispware thoroughly cleaned out the computer but didn't compromise any other aspect of the system in the process. It made my job very easy!

Hopefully there is another SAS Pro convert!

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