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SAS saved the day!

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Wow, what an event!

I've been using SAS Pro for a long time without ever having had the need to clean up more than the odd tracking cookie now and then.

So it was with much excitement when a friend of mine rang to say he'd downloaded a dodgy file and now his computer was totally infested with all manner of spyware/adware. He was having windows popping up left, right and centre warning of dire consequences if he didn't purchase a particular virus tool immediately (I think it was XPAntivirus). As soon as his computer was turned on the screen was flooded with warning boxes. The whole computer was unusable.

So it was with great anticipation that I got to install the free SAS on that machine to see what it could do.

Fortunately it installed fine and I ran the scan. I was gob smacked at what I saw.

In the past, on my machine, I'd only ever seen one or, at most, two different entries in the Nasties Found list, after a scan. But on this computer the WHOLE BOX was filled with different nasties and even more were being added. A scrollbar even appeared in that box! (which I'd never even thought possible), there were that many spyware apps found.

In the end, it counted about 460 different things from dozens of different spyware programs. Both our jaws dropped. It would seem the thing he downloaded, also downloaded and installed other nasty things.

I told SAS to clean them all, and off it went.

In a flash (it seemed like about 5 seconds) all was gone and I rebooted.

We were both amazed to find not a single adware message on the screen after reboot. I ran SAS again and it found a few more things, cleaned them and rebooted. Did another scan and all was clear.

We then noticed that some of the icons under the Start Menu were gone (the log-off icon and some others). I then remembered the repair options in SAS (which I've never needed, personally, and wondered if they actually worked).

Scrolling through these, it was not very clear which option I needed (hint to SAS programmers - why not have a "fix everything" option, for dummies that have no idea what they need??). I selected a few that sounded promising and ran the fixes and rebooted.

I have no idea which one did the trick but it was with great relief that the Start Menu was back to normal and all his programs were running normally again.

And all that with just the free SAS!!!!

He immediately purchased SAS Pro with lifetime licence.

The only thing left to do was to clean a dodgy clock entry in the tray (the words "virus found" appeared after the clock), which SAS did not fix. I found a site on the net with instructions to fix that (it just involved resetting the international setting), and then that was also gone.

He was back in business and ever so thankful for SAS.

You've made a true believer out of him and me.

Thanks for the good work SAS staff!!!


(p.s. further request to SAS programmers - the date information in the SAS windows does not follow the date convention used by the computer [my computer is set to Australian settings, but the date format shows American formatting] ... can that be fixed?)

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Thank you for the wonderful description of your events! That's great we were able to fix the system :) We always love hearing the success stories!

As for the date/time issues - the version after the upcoming 4.2 (4.3?) will have International and Language support, so that will all be resolved :)

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Yes, that was a great and most exciting depiction of events. I am very encouraged by having read it. Fortunately, my new computer was clean as a whistle before installing SUPERAntiSpyware. Thanks for posting! :D

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