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Hi All

I Installed SUPERANTISPYWARE yesterday and i like this ...very usefull but i have few questions :

1. I Unchecked from Preference Show Icon from Taskbar

2.Unchecked Splash screen on startup.

But when i re-start pc this open or shows main menu(User Interface) automatically..thats i dont want.....

If this is Possible to setup SUPERAntiSpyware will work in background all the time without Taskbar icon or in startup popup main menu option .

Any suggestions............


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I think its because you have checked the "start when windows start" and have unchecked "show icon in system tray"

because it have to be in the system tray, or opened (the main window) or else it isnt running..

i am not 100% sure though, but i think its like that...

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