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SSupdate in temp file - is it legit?

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I got a message from my firewall (Online Armor) this morning saying that SSupdate.exe wanted access to the internet. I had just formatted my hard drive and reinstalled all my programs, so I immediately assumed it was SuperAntiSpyware. But then I noticed that the path to the file was:

C:\Documents and Settings\My Name\Local Settings\Temp\SSupdate.exe

I did a search of my system and found the file in this location and also in

C:\Program Files\SuperAntiSpyware\SSupdate.exe.

Both files are 156kb.

Can anyone tell me whether the Temp folder is a legitimate location for this file (if it is the legitimate SAS file).

I did a google search and have found that various spyware files are also called SSupdate.exe and I wonder if somehow I have got one of these on my system. I would be surprised, since I only reformatted my hard drive and did a clean install of Windows XP 2 days ago.

I run Windows XP Pro SP3. SAS Pro, Spybot S&D, Avast! free, Online Armor free, Spyware Blaster.

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