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Does SAS FREE detect spywares as SAS Professional?

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I just recently discoverd SUPERAntiSpyware and started to use it. So far I am very pleased with it and it's much better than my previous antispyware. I like SUPERAntiSpyware because it's very light on system resources (compared to other well known antispywares) and would love to see it continue to be in this way.

I am just wondering if the FREE version of SUPERAntiSpyware detect and remove spyware/adware/trojans just as good as the professional version? or maybe the professional version detect and remove more spywares...

I have also another question: a lifetime subscription mean that all definition updates and future program updates will be free of charge?

Keep up the good work and thanks,


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big difference is that you can schedule scans in the pro and in the free you must remember to do them manually, which could be a real pain since so many of us have so little time to begin with, I like to know i can schedule the scan and not have to remember to do it.


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