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sly stone

I know that this is not what is supposted to be posted but

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I am so bummed out, here's the deal. Four months ago i was infested with trogans. My antivirus would only delete one out of three, I wasn't informed about trogans,but I learned fast. I tried any spyware program that I could download. If it detected over five to seven trogans I bought it. Xsoftse said it got ten trogans but they were back the next day, REFUND, spyware doctor, REFUND, eight to ten products didn't find them or only showed one or two. I found a spyware product and got rid of ten to twelve. I was fine until I went some where to download a freeware product and got hit with tons of them. totally infected, over taken, they ruled. I stumbled on the sas site and did the fifteen day trial. Wow sas found fifteen trogans and got rid of them all. It was the best spyware i tried. That was four months ago and since then sas has found cookies and that's it. it's missed adware, trogans and trogan droppers that my other spyware has found. I am so bummed that I can no longer trust it and need to go out and find a second spyware that i thought I had. My antivirus is GOD, if you haven't tried antivir free your missing a GREAT, PRODUCT. sorry to bum your out and take up a post, but I saw this comming, as the weeks past and my other spyware was finding things and sas wasn't. I once sent a e-mail to tech support saying that sas missed alot and they said you can't get everything. It's not defective, scans fine, fast, updates, looks good, scans good finds cookies. sorry needed to vent. What am i missing? :?:

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Actually perhaps missing quite a bit :

First, were you running the free or the professional? Only the professional has real time blocking and as you were using the trial professional, it expired after 15 days. Obviously in the ensuing three and a half months you did not obtain definition updates or program updates to 4.0, 4.1 nor to 4.15.1000. LOTS of changes between version 3.9 and these program updates. :( Have to stay on top of these you know!!

Second, were subsequent infections real or perceived? False positives ? to get you to buy something? :)

Third, in your request for customer supoport, did you provide sufficient details as your post here is sort of sketchy and incomplete and would not allow a diagnosis. Just saying that the product missed a lot is not very helpful nor conclusive. :roll:

As you may be aware, there is a free version of our product that scans and removes. Suggest you Download the newest version, update to the latest definitions scan and report back here. :)

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I own superantispyware pro with lifetime warrentee, version 4.15, keep on top of updates, as far as the detections that were missed, I'm looing into to that. I find it hard to believe that I could run a scan with sas and then run a scan with the other antispyware and have it show up with trogans. However I don't feel that there is much in false positives because i've had this other antivirus for about the same time. It's not what the other spyware is getting, it's "what sas has not gotten in four months. I know for a fact that i have had minor infections and a trogan or two. As far as talking to tech support i was very general and wouldn't know what to tell them now. I am dying for sas to find anything other than cookies. I would e-mail tech support if I knew what to say that would be informative for them to say, maybe there's something wrong? I just don't know. At the moment I'm looking at spysweeper and counter spy, I feel I have no choice.

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Thanks for clarifying but your post was rather missleading as it sounded as if you were still running an older version and an expired trial at that.

What exactly did your other programs find and how did you verify that what was found were actually Malware?

Have you submitted the samples of the file scans to virus total for confirmation?

You state that: "I know for a fact that i have had minor infections and a trogan or two."

Did you submit these to Samples@ superantispyware.com ? You are welcome to submit the logs of malware you found here for verification by forum members.

What are the symptoms you experienced? Hopefully these questions will assist you in dealing with future problems so you can submit meaningful information and get help for your problem(s).

By the way, Superantispyware is not an Antivirus program, that's a different "critter"

Best regards

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