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Superantispyware Rocks!

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I went for a haircut last Wednesday and my hairdresser told me she is getting a very nasty popup constantly telling her that her computer is infested and she needs to download this registry cleaner to clean it. She found her computer is moving as slow as a snail too. I asked her if she went and did what it said and she said she downloaded this installer but did not execute it- thank goodness for that part anyway.

I told her if she wanted i would take a look at her computer and see what is going on. She told me she did not have the money right now to hire me so i suggested (and wrote it down for her) she download and install superantispyware free version and told her how to install it and run a full scan.

I did not hear anything from her and was wondering what happened. She called me Saturday and said "robin I could kiss you!!" When she ran the software not only did it find the problem but she had quite a bit of additional trojans and spyware. Following the instructions i gave her she removed it all and rebooted and - WALLA! no more popups and the computer is no longer running that slow.

Of course I told her that she needs to continually maintain and run scans and suggested to her to purchase the program. She told me once she has a bit more money she will definitely purchase it.

I was not surprised by what happened because Superantispyware has been a lifesaver for me all the time with ALL my client computers that are infected.

Keep up the good work!


Robin- your most loyal fan! :)

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Well there are other ways she could pay you without having any money 8)

Anyway, my suggestion always is SAS plus 1-2 more applications like Dr.WEB CureIT all together for the heavily infected machines.

Never let me down :)

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