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Scanning Speed Vs Malware Detection

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Hi All, I've read on another post that a file that is 128MB in size will not get scanned by SAS because the file does not have the characteristics of Spyware. I'm presuming that 128MB is too large to be Spyware.

When I scan my PC with default settings it takes just over ten minutes, but when I untick the following three options it takes well over an hour.

1) Ignore files larger than 4MB

2) Ignore non-executable files

3) Scan only known file types

I'm all for quicker scan times but not if it means SAS missing some malware on my system, so my questions are:-

1) Is all Spyware/Malware less than 4MB in size? (I know if the Malware is in a large compressed file it will get scanned when the compressed file is unpacked)

2) Does all Spyware/Malware have an executable extension and if so is the executable extension always a known one.

Any help would be much appreciated

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The default options are set so that the malware we harvest and have observed in the "wild" will be detected.

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