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Doghouse Riley

SAS got rid of 99.99% of Vundo

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First of all, SAS did get rid of the Vundo dll's and other files. I am now getting no popups or other malware related browser symptoms. Well done!

All that is left in the scan are a couple of registry entries as follows:

Adware.Vundo Variant




I've looked at this key in regedit. It's there, but it contains no values. I cannot seem to delete it.

Repeated runs by SAS have failed to clean this from the registry, these lines show up as the only reported problem in a deep system scan.

As I said they -appear- to be causing no problem, but it would be nice to get them erased once and for all.

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I assume that when you try to delete these you are getting a permission denied message.

If that is the case you can right click on the relevant entry on the left hand frame and in the drop down menu select Permissions. If you then check the box Allow/Full control you will be able to delete it.

Hope this helps.

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Have you tried booting up in safe mode and logging in as administrator? Then having a go at deleting them.

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Permissions are set to allow deletion. The only message I get is "Cannot delete ......... Error while deleteing key"


Maybe you can give it a try with JV pt 2008.

Please go to http://www.macecraft.com/

"Great" tool but also take "great" care when using it !

Best regards


I'm pretty sure that wouldn't work. As good as JV16 Power Tools or Reg Supreme are they won't allow locked keys to be removed.

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