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Trojan.Unclassified-Packed/Suspicious found in log

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About 2 weeks ago, my home machine was running slow. Task bar/explorer works VERY slowly, if at all. Have to do most of the work from task manager/command line/DOS. Funny thing is, iexplore and internet is fine, no funny popups, redirects or spam. It also works fine in safe mode even with network enabled.

I initially had difficulty loading SAS because of Windows installer errors. Even though I was on SVP2, it wouldn't load. Dnl'd a newer version of the installer, renamed the msi.dll and it seemed to load.

I've ran SAS at least three times. The first time if found many (like 20) viruses and trojans including 2 vundo variants. It cleaned them up but my machine still won't 'run' in regular mode. Ran SAS last night and found this:



and I'm not sure what to do. I ran Kaspersky and it found some infected files, but it might have been because of the trojans being quarentined. I have a hijack log if that'd help. :cry::cry:

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