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SAS-n-Limited User

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can SAS pro, with its "realtime protection", be used, effectively, when running as a "limited user"? i notice that when i run SAS pro in my administrator account, it loads the driver "SASENUM.SYS", but that "SASENUM.SYS" does not load when i run SAS in a limited user account, which concerns me..

the reason that i say that SAS does not load the SASENUM.SYS driver when i am running as a limited user is because two programs that i use alert me when SAS is loading the SASENUM.SYS driver.. i see the alerts when running SAS within an administrator account, but not when i am running SAS within a limited user account..

i would like to know what function "SASENUM.SYS performs, then i can make an informed decision about whether or not it matters that SAS cannot manage to load "SASENUM.SYS" when it is run in a limited user account..

p.s. i wish that SAS would add detections for some test files so that we could verify that the program is functioning properly.. it seems like it would be simple for SAS to add detections for a test file..

update: i think that the problem with SAS's failing to load SASENUM.SYS when running SAS in a limited user account might be due to its not installing properly for "all users", but, instead, installing for "current user only"..

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