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Translation in Hindi

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We have others that have offered Hindi for a registered copy of SUPREAntiSpyware Professional, if you would like to do a translation for a registered version we can work that out.

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Well, I'm not 100 % sure. But if they would pay money, which I highly doubt, they are one of a kind. Software companies who wants translation from random people wont pay in cash. Software companies that pay translators, are in the most cases employeers of the company, and not random people who wants to help out. Ok, I could understand you would be paid, if they wanted you to translate Windows Vista to your native language, because an OS takes a lot of time to translate. Dr. Web and Malwarebytes for instance, I have translated for them, and they did not pay me. I did not want cash either, I just wanted to help them out. I got a free license from them, which was fine by me.

Are you serious now? Do you think SAS will pay you in cash? It's not THAT much work. Dream on. I have also offered Nick to translate the software, and I do that because I want to help them out - nothing else.

Nick can always correct me if I'm wrong. But I'm sure he agree.

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