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Lots of false positives

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Updated and scanned yesterday and found all this :shock: . None of the files exists on the machine :? SAS PRO.

SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log


Generated 05/22/2008 at 03:49 AM

Application Version : 4.1.1046

Core Rules Database Version : 3466

Trace Rules Database Version: 1457

Scan type : Complete Scan

Total Scan Time : 00:20:56

Memory items scanned : 352

Memory threats detected : 0

Registry items scanned : 4729

Registry threats detected : 0

File items scanned : 17379

File threats detected : 26



Browser Hijacker.Favorites

D:\Foretrukne\Games\Carnival Casino.url

D:\Foretrukne\Games\Club Dice Casino.url

D:\Foretrukne\Games\New York Casino.url

D:\Foretrukne\Games\USA Casino.url

D:\Foretrukne\Games\You Bingo.url

D:\Foretrukne\Games\Monaco Gold Casino.url

D:\Foretrukne\Download Free Spyware Remover.url

D:\Foretrukne\NEW VIAGRA at Half Price!.url

D:\Foretrukne\Online Chat With Nude Girls.url

D:\Foretrukne\Order CIALIS online without leaving home..url

D:\Foretrukne\PC protection in under 2 minutes!.url

D:\Foretrukne\SEX Dating - Real Girls For Real SEX.url

D:\Foretrukne\Stop PopUps On Your Computer.url

D:\Foretrukne\VIAGRA at incredible low price. Bonus Pills!.url

D:\Foretrukne\View ADULT photos of REAL GIRLS!.url

Trojan.Security Toolbar

D:\Foretrukne\Antivirus Test Online.url

Adware.Casino Games (Golden Palace Casino)

D:\Foretrukne\Best Casino. $200 signup bonus!.url


D:\Foretrukne\Online Security Test.url






Desktop Hijacker.AboutYourPrivacy

D:\Foretrukne\Error Cleaner.url

D:\Foretrukne\Privacy Protector.url

D:\Foretrukne\Spyware&Malware Protection.url

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Simply reboot and scan again. That means our kernel driver was not loaded after the update - I assume you updated from 4.0 to 4.1.

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Yes, i just updated, and SAS prompted for a reboot, which i did. It maybe needed two reboots, because the detections are gone http://upit.jtw.dk/dl/y9b/

Thanks Nick, and keep up the good work with SAS :)

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I have made a still worse experience after upgrading to version 4.15.1000!

At the first scan the program found more than 300 "threats" on my computer. But, the "infected" objects that have been found and indicated never have existed on my system.

Next thing I did was to repeat the scan twice, since I could't believe the first scan results. There, suddenly, the number of found "infections" decreased from scan to scan.

After reboot and another quick scan no threats have been found at all

Could I be sure that these results were "false positives" or what?

Thank you for any comment.



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