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SuperAdBlocker - Intellitxt Problem - Getting Pops

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I couldn't find a support forum for SuperadBlocker, so I am posting my problem here (hope this is ok to post it here)

.... I downloaded the latest version of SuperAdBlocker, yesterday, from your web site and as first time user trying the free trial version, I am having the following problem with it:

SuperAdBlocker does *not* stop - Intellitxt (in-text) pop-ups from "Vibrant", for me. I tried all the setting I could think of it and the Vibrant Intelli Ads:

Now it either justs Pop up for me when I pass my mouse point over the intelli link on a web page (or on some sites just the first time my mouse passes over the Intell link it will be blocked, but on the second pass over the same Intell link or on pass over a second intell link on the same web page the second Intelli link will popup with an Ad. However, on most web pages any pass over any Intelll link will always cause the Vibrant Ad's to PopUp/

....... So, what setting am I missing ????

........ P.S. The Update Process yesterday, updated to Core 3465, Trace 1456, Dated 5/20/08. However, I don't find any thing added to either the "allowed/trusted sites box" OR "allowed/blocked images" box. My rule boxes are empty. Shouldn't some Ad Blocking Sites "Rules" or Image Blocking "Rules" been aoutmatically populated there with yesterday Update Download Definitions ?

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One site is pcmag.com.

But, it occurs for me on other sites that use intellitxt ads and also I additionally get popups for Kontera Ad's on other sites, as well.

BTW .... Since, originally posting the issue here, I proceeded with offically opening up a support ticket with superadblocker customer support. They are looking into it for me.

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