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Don't even have a cell phone so you know where I'm coming from. Was advised to install Superantispyware but I'm afraid to use it - Under Configuration and Preferences - Repair - a lot of items are listed. Enable Task Manager, Home Page Reset, Reset URL preferences - reset web pages, etc. I have no idea what most of them mean - or maybe all of them. Does it mean that there are problems with all of these things or??? Maybe I should just leave well enough alone. Thanks.

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You may wish to go with the default configuration, meaning what is appropriate for the majority of users. It's that way already on downlading.

After you learn a bit about the various options from reading the help system, you can customize your setup.That is, all the other items that can be set or disabled that you mention. :)

The repairs are only to be used if a particular problem shows up and I would not use those unless directed to do so by customer support. Does that help? If not, let us know and we will provide additional assistance but eletekiller has already provided a valuable suggestion to use the help system. Welcome to the SAS forum. We are here to help. :D

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