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Hi everyone,

I am known as Bassy 2 I have only purchased SUPERantispyware Pro yesterday. I used the free version for a while, thought it was good and decided to purchase Pro. I registered into this forum yesterday also. That makes me a newbie to both SAS Pro and the Forum.

I am a litigation officer, married and quite apart from my job my wife and I have started a home Desktop Publishing business. I am sports minded, do greeting cards as a hobby and I am also a musician. Most of my time is taken up doing something.

Like most people I am not a newbie to computers but I am no wizard either. I know a few tips and tricks that I picked up by trial and error and in general learning from friends and on the net.

I expect that I will have a few problems with this new program and I know I would receive some help here until I learned to configure and use it properly. I also hope that my stay with the forum will be generally a pleasant one with some fun while learning.

Best regards


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Hello Guys,

Thanks for the replies. I have already posted in the General Forum and have received a reply. I have posted for a diagnostic as requested.

That was a very timely reply. Shows that customer support is really very much better than many sites and forums I've visited.

Thanks again.

Best regards. :D

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