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Mysterious beeping

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Good morning.

Win XP, SP2; SAS Pro v.4.0.1154

I just spent an hour, or so, looking for the source of a constant, 2-second, beeping in my headphones/speaker.

I eventually tracked it down to SAS. Now, the story...

Earlier today, I was playing around with an executable file that I had produced (using Autoit) to perform a particular function on start up.

When I came to test it, with a reboot, SAS took exception (good!); a flag warned me that it had blocked its attempt to run, and advised an immediate scan.

Because I knew what it was, I just closed the warning pane and continued with what I was doing.

After a little more playing, I abandoned the experiment and deleted the files in question.

Some little time later I turned up the audio volume, and that's when I first heard the constant beep, which, after much footling around, I eventually silenced by opening SAS (or closing it down).

I have surmised that the beeping was a continued warning from SAS that something was amiss that hadn't been satisfactorily dealt with, but no visual indication was given that associated the beeping with SAS, neither in the system tray, nor in the various panels of SAS.

The problem was solved, but a considerable time was spent chasing various red herrings that could have been avoided by a simple "unresolved issue" indication.

(Or am I missing a trick in settings, etc?)



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