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Does SAS block BHO's, etc?

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I'm still checking out SAS right now, the trial Pro version before I decided rather to purchase or not.

I've also installed another ASW program to test with and I noticed with the other ASW program, it has pop up's asking me if I want to allow the installation of BHO's say from Adobe, etc. and also has alot of other configureable options. I did not see any popup's from SAS asking what I would like to do. so, how does or does SAS even deal with BHO's under real time protection?

Is there an actual list of the things that SAS offers or a comparison list?


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Why should SAS prompt people about Browser Helper Object? (BHO)

I think thats a time wasting useless feature, SAS should rather use the time getting more samples adding to the database, so it will keep being a TOP antispyware program..

And if malware is trying to install BHO the malware would be stopped before it installed anything anyway..

And you can easy remove BHO's igain.

BTW to me it sounds like your other AS-program you test is SpywareTerminator, a free program. but in the AS-world, you get what you pay for ;)

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