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SA congratz !!!

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SUPERAntiSpyware has been reached to top 4 of top 10 reviews !!!

#1Spy Sweeper


#3Spyware Doctor(almost kill my entire system)

#4 SUPERAntiSpyware Professional ( for me SA must in #3 and spyware doctor in #4) mem usage(200-384kb) very fantastic !!!!

#5 ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware

#6 Ad-Aware Pro

#7 CA Anti-Spyware

#8 AntiSpy

#9 Spyware BeGone

#10 Maxion Spy Killer

#11 SpyHunter

#12 Systweak AntiSpyware 2008

#13 SpyEraser

#14 SpyRemover

#15 ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware

#16 Spyware Detector

#17 ZeroSpyware

#18 STOPzilla

#19 Spyware Crusher

N/A Aluria Anti-Spyware

N/A McAfee AntiSpyware

N/A Spy Killer

N/A SpySubtract

N/A Spyware Killa

N/A rend Micro Anti-Spyware

N/A TrueWatch

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Where did you get this review from? I don't trust any of them, just asking :)

I like to judge on personal experience!

Spyware Doctor in #3? I almost had to reformat after once installing it, one BSoD after another.

Spy Sweeper has become a little bloated too.

SpywareDetector is a rogue!!! -> http://www.malwarebytes.org/roguenet.php?id=339

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That website is garbage! They have affiliate ID's (referral credit) for every product reviewed. I for one would not want to be associated with a rogue review website. I am really surprised that Nick (Skrepetos) allows SAS to be a part of TopTenReviews.

I am also curious as to how SS and SD scored higher in the System Performance category when they clearly state:


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I consider Spyware Doctor to be semi-rogue.

Spysweeper is bloated and causes system degradation.

Never used CounterSpy, but I seriously doubt I would ever consider it better than SAS in most aspects.

What software usually gets the bests reviews? The ones from the companies that pay the most for advertising.

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