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Some Ideas to add to the product, nothing really new but a mix, sorry if I expect too much ore some things are impossible to be created.

Well I was very confident till these spyburner covert sys exec sysawechod fake infection messages appeared on my computer and got past my antivirus and superantispyware and firewall. Maybe I installed them myself because of lack of information...Informatic is it supposed to rule over data and produce info out of it.

I run scans on regular basis (twice a week) with different products (4).

Since I had to use various tools to remove pests and none can guarantee 100% protection ... I just think that having to use and find tons of really good tools is timeconsuming.

Worst it felt like I really have no control and could not see it coming.

A prevention, killing and fixing suite.

Only sure thing to me is that when I reinstall OS and install my favourite programs and mods my PC works fast like new, no flaws.

So keeping an exact unbreakeable backup or image of that instance to return to is fundamental.

HDD ISO tool addon for Superantiallware.

I always want to keep it that way so why do invisible things happen without my conscent at my computer, beeing able to register at the registry, create exe files that produce others, dlls and so on. There should always be a user confirmation before anything gets registered so a registry confirmation is necessary, freeze registry so that modifications are not allowed, backup reg and restore reg and clean and optimize would be appreciated.

Registry tool addon.

Also all notifications everywhere are just dumb, like process X is going to be executed, most unexperienced users will never know to which application that belongs. So there should be BETTER ID of that. What, where, when..Like app X, version Y, etc. located at directory or memory W is launching process Y from directory or ..and so on.

Also common programs should include a file summary and size verification, so when a known programm is granted to be installed we know exactly which files are installed where and have defined size and permission to run.

So if anything changes its files or an unidentifided process is doing something its almost obvious to be malware.

Program validation addon

Also password protect and encrypt a file or folder with right mouse button option superencrypt like a zipped file. Should offer a hint on hover so that password can be remebered. So I can protact my precious data from everything but HDD failure data loss.

Data protection addon

Ever wanted that when you reboot all gets set to default working state, except for user generated data with permitted applications on specified folders, could be that each time PC starts it creates a virtual computer a fake dummy that keeps real registry and PC protected from harm.

Trickster addon

I have never been hacked, well I cant tell for sure if someone dropped files with keyloggers or else password stealing or control overtaking stuff on my PC. Now that I use firewall I get messages like IP X or process X wants access to privileged resouses bla bla

Well whos PCs is that, where is he located street adress, cant I talk back to him with a message, is he trustworthy rated, can I block him, what is he doing or what is going to happen if I let it proceed. Can I really know who that is and can I fight back and report abuse. Who triggered that message a application or , is it outgoing or incoming.Thousand questions when that message pops up.

I feel like an expectator, issuing orders to unknown popups while having little clue of what is it that im allowing and hoping nothing bad happens.

Keeping intruder code away is not easy if you dont have experience with firewalls.

So a easy firewall feature addon, like username X, locationX, input triggered applications action X to use file X at X location that will do X .....

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