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Application terminating in unorthodox manner?.

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My PC's OS is Windows XP Home Edition SP2 and I use Comodo Firewall Pro, Avira Antivirus and SpyWare Blaster as real time protection. I also have AVG Antispyware and SuperAntiSpyware installed which I run manually once a week on a rota basis. Twice out of the last three times I have used SuperAntiSpyware since it updated to the latest version and right at the end of it's scan I have received a pop up saying that it will be closed due to the application asking to terminate in an unorthodox manner. There is also something about a ++Runtime Error++. If I restart it again it will complete without incident but I would like to know what the pop up box means. I think it is from Comodo.

Today was the third time I have scanned with Superantispyware V4 and it had found 1 object (tracking cookie)prior to me getting the afore mentioned pop up. Instead of restarting it this time I started AVG Antispyware instead which on completion had found 9 objects all tracking cookies.

Although not sure for certain I think it is some sort of problem between it and Comodo but maybe it is a problem with this newest version of Superantispyware I don't know but would appreciate any advice offered. Thanks in advance,


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