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Vista asking authorisation

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Hi friends,

Each time when i startup my HP portable, VISTA Home is asking an authorisation to launch SAS. This is not the case on my DELL machine running Windows XP. How could change the setup on my HP portable

to bypas the authorisation action ?

Thanks for any comment on this subject

Berny +++

Try our 4.1 pre-release :) It should resolve those issues.

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Dear Sir,

Thx a lot for your kind help.

1 - Could you please give me the donwload link for SAS 4.1 ?

2 - Can i overinstall SAS 4.1 pre-release without loosing

my licence on my actual 4.0.1154 version ?

Best regards

bernard +++

Please see the 4.1 pre-releae on instructions for obtaining 4.1 pre-release. The license won't be lost.

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