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Core Definition displayed is not showing the correct version

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I've read of 2 others having issues with the wrong Core Definition version number showing. I'm having the same issue.

I normally update manually because I have 2 user accounts on each PC and I am on slow dialup at home. So to save time, I download the definitions at work and bring them home. I can manually update both PCs in a few minutes versus 45 minutes to an hour with the auto updater.

Tonight, I should have went from 3414 to 3416. But after manually updating, the display still showed 3414. Stopping, restarting or rebooting did not help. But once I allowed SAS Pro to update directly from the website, it worked.

After the correct number was displaying, I checked the MD5 of the file I had manually downloaded and the new one. They were identical.

So, something is wrong but I'm totally confused as to what... I never experienced this with 3.9. Any thoughts on why this is suddenly happening to several of us?

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Just "auto" updated one account on this PC to Core: 3417 Trace: 1409. Everything went fine.

I then copied the PROCESSLIST files and PROCESSLISTRELATED files to the other account. When I logged into that account, only the Trace version was correct. I then copied the PROCESSLIST.BIN file over and all was well. So, for some reason, version 4.0 of SAS Pro is not updating the .BIN file from the PROCESSLIST.DB file when updating manually.

A bug with 4.0 or the .DB file? As I noted above, I never had this issue with 3.9...

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Are you sure your firewall is allowing internet access on both computers?

Thanks for helping! :)

Yes, the firewall is set to allow local (Trusted) and internet access (but not as Server.) When I do the manual updates, I have always done them while off-line (for 3.9.) Are you saying that 4.0 cannot be manually updated while off-line? Add to that, why would the Trace version display correctly and not the Core? It's like the .BIN file is not updating correctly without going through the complete auto update procedure.

To clarify that the firewall is working, I can update automatically with either account with no problem if I am willing to take all that time.

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I had the same issue as Han (see the thread entitled 'Defs on version 4.0') and I thought it was resolved, but it wasn't. There are also 2 user accounts on my PC, running XP Home SP2. Trace defs weren't a problem, but Core defs were. What I do now is download the Core defs zip file, exit SAS, extract the zip file to one account in C:\Documents and Settings... and copy it to the other user's C:\Docs... Then I restart SAS, check for updates and when it's finished, it shows the correct Core defs version. This sounds long-winded, but it takes about 10 minutes altogether despite the fact that I'm on dial-up and the download takes about 7 minutes.

If this is going to be fixed when v4.1 comes out, may I ask when that's likely to be please? Are you going to say 'when it's ready'? :lol:

When it's ready :)

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