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V 4 scanning Restore folder although it's not selected!

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I installed the latest release of ver 4 (4.0.1154) Free version. I updated and set my scanning options. I have the option Ignore System Restore/Volume Information checked, which I'm pretty sure means to NOT scan it. However during the scan I am seeing the C:\System Volume Information\_restore{blah... show up in the scanning progress.

Should this be happening?

For Scanning I was using the Custom Scan option with all blocks checked and Scan Location was on C: and D: drive only.

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Too hard to answer huh? :-)

For an update I have run some more tests and I think I see what the issue is.

If I select "Scan Your Computer" and then check the "Perform Complete Scan" and under Preferences have the block checked "Ignore System Restore/Volume Information" then the Restore Folder is NOT scanned. If instead of selecting "Perform Complete Scan" I choose "Custom Scan," check all the options but "Selected Folders" and of course check the C:\drive block under Scan Location it still works. But if I add/check the block under "Custom Scan" for "Selected Folders" then run the scan it will indeed scan the Restore Folder regardless of the "Ignore System Restore/Volume" setting.

Not sure if this is a glitch, oversight or works as it should.

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