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SUPERAntiSpyware Release 4.0.1154

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SUPERAntiSpyware 4.0 is now available for downloading from our main site. The update servers will be activated in the next few days and will dole out the updates over the next week as not to flood our servers.

Technology Changes

* Up to a 30%-50% increase in scanning speed

* Direct Disk Access (DDA) technology bypasses all of the Windows API/Kernel to detect and remove difficult spyware

* Drastically reduced memory usage

* Additional repairs for Windows Vista and Windows XP including Control Panel Access Restore

* Improved detection of packed/compressed threats

* Termination protection - you can allow Task Manager to terminate the application if something hangs - something other applications don't allow

* Enhanced detection and removal of in-memory threats

* Improved hardware detection and logging to reduce re-activation problems

Interface and Functionality Changes

* Hover text/bubble over SUPERAntiSpyware system tray icon shows program version, database versions and last update date

* Main screen now shows subscription expiration date (if any) and product version i.e. Professional or Free Edition

* When registering/activating the Free Edition, all references to Free Edition are changed to Professional

* Windows Vista Security Center Integration

* Updates now has it's own tab in the Preferences - there may be additional items here in the future

* Resolved a bug where the file count was not being properly reported in previous versions - the file count scanned is now correct in 4.0

* New error logging system

Help support the SUPERAntiSpyware team and continued development/support of the Free Edition by providing a small donation:


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