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hello, why is there so much biased reviews on the internet on superantispyware? superantispyware can remove that others cannot, so what's not to like about it?

Each person/reviewing has different expectations. Some want to see it detect "simulators", etc. vs actual infections. We focus on what works for our users, which is removing hard to remove spyware!

What helps us most are users like yourself, and other users of SUPERAntiSpyware, spreading the word and posting reviews to let others know about your experience with our software.

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I think that what is interesting is that when you come across a good consumer review somewhere for SAS it's because the program got that consumer out of sticky situation, and usually where other programs had failed.

Look at how many users have droped by the forum to give words of thanks because they got a problem resolved using SAS. You don't see that on many other vendor's forums, and to me is proof in the pudding that people appreciate that SAS lives in 'the real world' dealing with the real malware situations that face us everyday.

PS. Some people are impressed by glossy advertising, fancy GUI's and lightening fast scans, others are impressed by actual results :wink:

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