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Found 12 results

  1. I thought Spyware and Viruses are the same thing? A virus is malicious code that copies itself over and over in order to do damage to your computers data while Spyware is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of threats such as Trojans, Ransomware, Keyloggers, Cookies, Worms, etc that may do damage to your PC and/or privacy but do not have the intention of totally destroying your computers data and system unlike a virus. So your telling me I need an Anti-Virus AND an Anti-Spyware? Strictly speaking, SUPERAntiSpyware© is not designed to be Anti-Virus software. We target Spyware, a focus that allows us to respond quickly to the ever-growing groups of hostile software we address, with new definitions released multiple times a day, and concentrate on the technology that targets the most common threats in the wild. There are a lot of things that are often called viruses (many trojans, worms, and so on) that SUPERAntiSpyware© will remove, but it won’t remove true viruses such as boot-sector viruses. No one security tool can catch everything out there and protect you, which is why we recommend a layered approach. We recommend if you use an Anti-Virus, you supplement it with SUPERAntiSpyware© and if you only use SUPERAntiSpyware© alone, consider getting an Anti-Virus. SUPERAntiSpyware© has been designed to be compatible with popular Anti-Virus applications such as McAfee, Symantec(Norton), Kaspersky, Bitdefender, ESET NOD32, AVG, Avast, Panda, Avira, and so on.
  2. I’ve run SUPERAntiSpyware’s full scan 6 times today, and each time it has picked up the same Trojan.Horse/Generic with a file path of LocalDisk(c:)/users/theon/AppData/local/vsakhpg/vsakhpg.exe It says it successfully quaranteened and removed it, and I restart my computer when it prompts me to, but if I run the scan again it finds it again. I’ve tried to submit the file to SUPERAntiSpyware through SUPERSampleSubmit but it says the file can not be located. Trying to manually delete, shred, or open the folder “vsakhpg” results in a “Location is not available” access denied box and I have no way to change it’s properties to gain access because it says I must have Read permissions to view the properties, which I should already have as the administrator. I’ve been trying to solve this all day and other antivirus/antimalware programs aren’t even picking it up, so any help would be great. I’m running Windows 10 on a Surface Pro and have the most updated version of windows and SUPERAntiSpyware.
  3. Think you have a virus? Here's what to do: First Download: SUPERAntispyware Download:https://www.superantispyware.com/download.html (free or Pro trial) Malwarebytes: https://www.malwarebytes.com/ (Free or Premium) Then: Install SUPERAntispyware and Malwarebytes. (Restart computer if prompted) Run SUPERAntispyware as administrator (right click the programs Icon -> Run as Administrator). Wait for it to load. Update your database by clicking 'click here to check for updates' on the main home screen of SUPERAntispyware. Now: Click on 'Scan this computer' in SUPERAntispyware. Recommended Pre-Scan Actions: Check/Tick all the Recommended Pre-Scan Actions boxes. (Pro needed for Malware Database updates option) Scanner Options: Check/Tick the 'Enable Rescue Scan' box Check/Tick the 'Active Scan Boost' and also choose the 'High boost' Option Check/Tick the 'Scan Internet browser tracking cookies' box Check/Tick the 'Scan inside ZIP archives' box Start the scan by clicking on the 'Complete Scan' option. Now wait for the scan to finish. Once the scan has finished, it will give you some options if any issues were found: Remove/Delete Quarantine (recommended) - Then If prompted restart the computer. Next: Run Malwarebytes as Administrator (right click the programs Icon -> Run as Administrator) Click the update option if it doesn't update automatically. Click on the 'Scan' tab at the top of the program's window. Click on 'Threat Scan' and wait for it to finish. Once finished, if there was anything found you will be prompted to: Delete (Recommended) Quarantine - Any issues found. If prompted, restart your computer. Finished! Hopefully, by this point, any Viruses/Malware etc. will have been removed. I hope this helped. If you continue to have problems, please feel free to let me know below, and I will try to provide help the best I can. I do not work with SUPERAntispyware nor am I part of the SAS forum staff I just thought I'd make this as it has always worked for me.
  4. I'm not sure where to post this but I found this on my computer last night. I have read some forums stating that this is a false positive but those were 2 - 3 ago years. It was found under C : \PROGRAM FILES (X86) \DELL \SUPPORTASSISTAGENT\BIN\UPX.EXE I got this PC from Dell so it came with the Dell Support Assist but I never really registered my PC with them.
  5. superantispyware does not seem to be able to get rid of the coupon titan malware
  6. Every time I open a new tab in Mozilla it opens to a delta search page ie “www1.delta-search.com/?babsrc=NT_ss&mntrId=125874E50BADF561&affID=119351&tt=040713_xmlful&tsp=4939” Searching the internet this is a virus attached to some software on my computer. I have run several anti virus programs and nothing detects it. I have removed all suspicious browser extensions and can not find anything in ad and remove programs list. I have even restarted Mozilla in safe mode with all browser extensions disabled but this problem still exist when I open a new tab. How do I fix this? I am using Mozilla Firfox 26.0 Windows 7 Toshiba Laptop Superantispyware Thanks for your help. Don
  7. I downloaded the manual virus definitions from here https://www.superantispyware.com/supportfaqdisplay.html?faq=89 but when I tried to install them my AVG came up and said that it detected a win32/Wapomi.E virus. Is this a false positive?
  8. My Pc has been crashing a few times recently.Not sure how this software called PC HealthBoost got installed but I always try to keep away from installing such fake softwares which ruin your system like anything.After installation of this software, a scan through this software showed me tons of problems and when i clicked on fix error button it fixed only few errors(I don't know whether it fixed or made my system more prone to other malwares like itself) and asked me to buy this bogus software. I am terrified and totally annoyed by this crap software. Please Help. Thank you.
  9. Hello Everyone! I have a very nasty virus that redirects me and won't go away, even after a wiped and reformatting of HDD. After my install with nothing attached to my computer and nothing else but my OEM WINDOWS 7 installed, the virus comes back. Please Help Me Thank You!!
  10. Many PC users consider malware, viruses, spyware, adware, worms, Trojans, etc. as the same thing. While all these infections harm our computers, they are not the same. They are all types of malicious software that each behave differently. Read more: https://www.superantispyware.com/blog/2013/03/28/malware-spyware-virus-worm-etc-whats-the-difference/
  11. MacFarland

    Sality fix

    Hi- I've been working on an XP system which was badly infected with Sality virus. First showed up as an inability to download completely (99%, then wait forever) and antivirus sites were unreachable. Tried several stand-alone programs to eliminate Sality, but they didn't completely clean the system. Finally bought SuperAntiSpyware Pro, which left the system sparkling clean! Be REAL careful not to plug in a USB memory, as active Sality will infect that in a flash. I recommend using a small flash memory with only what you need, preferably write-protected with a switch.
  12. Hi, This morning when I ran my usual SAS quick scan, it showed the following results: Trojan.Agent/Gen-Siggen [1 item found] Trojan.Agent/ Gen-Agent [2 items found] Trojan.Agent/Gen-Agent-Small [2 items found] I removed and restated the computer, as directed, but they're still showing up in the complete scan...which I'm now running. Also, my Avast! Antivirus has been disabled...I can't get it going again. Right now I'm waiting for the complete SAS scan to finish. But what can I do to completely eliminate these trojans? I disconnected the computer from the Internet and currently using an iPad. Should I run complete scans of Malwarebytes and Spybot too? Thanks, - Sam
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