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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Staff, I've asked this before w/o a response back. I download your virus definitions weekly and they are always close to 200 MB in length. I am on a limited data plan and try to limit my net usage as much as possible. Do/can you provide a way to receive incremental updates instead of the full data base? Even MS defender does that, approx.2-3 MB. This is a post in your forum from over 10 yrs ago... SUPERAntiSpy Site Admin SUPERAntiSpy Administrators 3310 posts LocationEugene, OR Posted September 14, 2011 On 9/14/2011 at 11:45 AM, ams963 said: Hi, When will SuperAntiSpyware introduce incremental updates? Wish it starts from the next upcoming version We don't have a specific time period for incremental updates, but it's on the wish list! I guess wishes don't come true here.
  2. so I can't help but notice, that in the last couple of numbered program updates, there hasn't really been any neww features or technology added to SaS. I mean like stuff that makes people go "wow! SaS added anti-exploit protection" etc. It makes me kinda feel like SaS is going stale. This situation, to me, feels kinda like when SaS first debuted, and no one even recognized it as a real anti-spyware program, in fact, some thought it was malware itself, but, you guys pulled a rabbit out of the hat, and worked to make SaS good and recognized by anti-virus companies and othern anti-malware companies like malwarebytes, so, I believe in you guys, and I think you can do it again! SaS needs some pep put in its step. Like how for so long malwarebytes anti-malware was strictly just anti-malware, but then added anti-exploit capabilities. They also acquired famous programs like adwcleaner and JRT. I think you guys have the potential to one up malwarebytes, like you did in the beginning. YOU CAN DO EET!
  3. I mentioned this a couple of years ago in a tech support ticket. When you get a bug and need to go into safe mode, or maybe safe mode is ALL that you can get into (this is quite common), you will find SAS has not been updated, and the information on the page is difficult to view due to reduced-resolution of safe mode. Since this happens so commonly when a computer gets infected, it would seem worth a few hours of testing for a solution for this. Isn't there an environment variable that can tell the software the computer is running in safe mode?
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